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JUMAG steam boilers combine the advantages of a compact quick steam boiler with those of a robust large capacity steam boiler.

  • Outputs from 100 kg/h to 560 kg/h
  • Higher output as multiple unit system possible, e.g. >2000 kg/h as a four-unit system
  • Oil or gas-heated with standard industrial burners
  • Not subject to approval in Germany and many other countries
  • No monitoring requirement in Germany by ZÜS (TÜV) (up to boiler type DG560), also for multiple unit systems
  • Robust pressure vessel in the design of a small shell boiler, no pipe coil
  • Circulation pump integrated as boiler pump
  • Easy to operate, highly effective touch screen control – via JUMAG Connect Connection to PC, mobile end devices or control centres possible


  • Highly cost-effective as a result of high efficiency.
  • Condensing boiler technology with use of the exhaust condensation optional, with firing efficiencies in excess of 100%.
  • Three to four-strand flue gas routing
  • Low water entrainment
  • Energy-efficient JUMAG accessories for minimal loss


Robust and low-maintenance

  • Pressure vessel in accordance with water chamber principle with up to 9 mm material thickness
  • No pipe coil / no water tube boiler principle
  • Low-maintenance circulation pump
  • High operational reliability as a result of the simple and compact overall design
  • High quality standards due to the use of standard industrial parts


  • Not subject to approval in Germany and many other countries
  • Simple operation with self-explanatory full text touch-screen control in many languages
  • Adjustable manually via automatic timer or control centres (optional)
  • Good accessibility for maintenance
  • Alternatively with automatic blow down or desalination
  • 365 days, 24 h accessibility of our customer service

How it works

  • In contrast to the traditional steam generator (water tube boiler with pipe coil and piston pump), JUMAG steam boilers work as follows:
  • The feed water in the pressure vessel is topped up by the boiler pump through the economiser depending on the water level in the pressure tank.
  • The burner is controlled depending on the steam pressure. Multi-lane flue gas routing transfers the heat from the flue gas through the pressure vessel to the water.
  • In the economiser, additional heat from the flue gas is transferred to the fresh water in the counter flow. The steam is dried in the inner system of the pressure vessel.

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For more than 40 years, we have been developing, producing and selling oil and gas-fired steam boilers.

JUMAG steam systems represent efficiency and user-friendliness.


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